Delicious Labor Day Dessert You’ll Love!


This dessert is perfect for Labor Day weekend. It’s quick, easy and the kids will love it!

What You’ll Need

2 cups of chips, melted, sugar cone ice cream cones, "Giant Roaster" campfire marshmallows, (the ones that look like little rolls of toilet paper) and assorted garnishes for dipping the sugar cones into like crushed Oreos, Rice Krispies, pretzels and colored sprinkles. Use what ever the kids like!


First, melt the chocolate. Dip the rim of a sugar cone to coat about 1/2 inch of the cone. Shake off the excess and roll in the garnish of your choice. Let the cone dry on wax paper. These can de done in advance and served on a platter and all ready to go. Now just roast the marshmallows and slide off of the stick, using a fork to help if you need it. Plop it right onto the cone! Add a chocolate candy or a cheery on top and enjoy!

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