Saint Cupcake


What better sweet treat to indulge in on Valentine’s Day than a cupcake? Love the taste and concept behind Saint Cupcake!

You can customize and decorate your own cupcake. You just order a cupcake kit, with your choice of cake, icing and sprinkles! The kit even comes complete with an icing wand and easy decorating tips.

There are so many different flavor combinations you can make. For a sexy V-Day combination, try a vanilla toffee cupcake with chocolate buttercream and red heart-shaped sprinkles! Yummy!

If it’s just you and your valentine, get a kit of three cupcakes — with an extra one for the next day! If you’re celebrating with the kids this year, get a 6-pack or even 12-pack of cupcakes to share.

The kit comes in a fun package and is a great gift for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.

Visit to customize and order your V-Day cupcakes.



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