Glow Crazy Glow in the Dark Distance Doodler


Last weekend, my daughter and I were browsing the mall waiting for my son to be done with his haircut when she led me into her favorite toy store. She was drawn to the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler right away. This fun toy allows you to draw all over the walls in the dark, leaving a glow in the dark neon trail. Don’t worry; you apply special paper onto the walls before drawing. If this was permanent, it would 100% not be allowed in my house! My little girl loves this!

Whenever the lights are off, she picks up her Glow Doodler and goes crazy. She even has one above her bed where she draws stars and moons at night. So cute! Even my older kids join in for the fun. The Glow Crazy Glow in the Dark Distance Doodler is definitely a family favorite.



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