Cereal to Go


In the mornings, just trying to get the kids all packed in the car is a difficult task. I mean, forget trying to feed them breakfast!

Stay Fit Cereal to Go is the perfect solution to my morning meltdowns. This BPA-free container includes two compartments – one for your cereal, and the other for your milk. 

The milk container features a gel-wall that works to keep your milk cold and fresh. The 3 1/4 cup serving bowl below keep your cereal super crunchy and delicious.

The gel-walled milk container also features a pour top lid, making it super easy to prepare and eat your cereal on-the-go.

Each Stay Fit Cereal to Go set also comes with a foldable, reusable spoon. 

Great for other yummy breakfast duos too – like granola & yogurt, or fruit & dip! Love. 




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