“Happy Chaos” by Soleil Moon Frye


The little girl who won our hearts in the ’80s as the lovable and spunky Punky Brewster is all grown up and as busy as ever. Soleil Moon Frye is now a mom of two little girls, an entrepreneur, the host of HerSay and a social media whiz.  In her new book released last week, “Happy Chaos,” she shares the excitement, the uncertainty, the messes, and well, the chaos of being a mom and wife.

When Soleil became a mom, she found herself wondering if she was the only parent who didn’t receive a handbook for raising kids- everyone else seemed to have it all under control. So she turned to the online world to find support. She found communities of true, honest moms experiencing the same chaotic life- other moms who didn’t receive the secret manual.

As a result, she learned to embrace the fact that she was a “messy mom”- and we love that about her. We’re all about honesty at ModernMom, and Soleil’s book is chocked-full of genuine and real thoughts, stories and advice.

Our advice? Pick up a copy of “Happy Chaos” to discover that you aren’t alone. There’s no doubt you’ll learn a thing or two. 



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