Crazy About Cookies


We are officially in the age of Pinterest – which means that almost every great dinner party involves these fantastically decorated, over-the-top delicious desserts straight from the virtual pinboard. And how behind the curve do you feel when you steal great recipes from your girlfriends?  

Luckily, Krystina Castella has the perfect book to push you right to the front of the pinning pack.  “Crazy About Cookies” has about 300 of the most decadent, beautiful, and inventive cookie recipes for any occasion.

Do you have difficulty finding your way around a piping bag?  The best part about this book is the introduction.  Castella talks you through the equipment that she uses throughout the book, giving a detailed explanation of how they work and why she uses them.

For example, did you know that using parchment paper to line your cookie sheet promotes even baking of your cookies, removes the need for buttering the sheet, and keeps you from scrubbing stubborn cookie crumbs off the baking sheet later?

The introduction further details the mixing and matching of cookie ingredients and toppings, and different ways to attack frosting.  Just the introduction alone could serve as a baking bible for seasoned bakers or for novice cookie makers.

When it comes to the cookie organization, you will find the recipes exactly where you think they should be.  That means, if you are looking for fancy dinner party cookies, they will be in the chapter entitled, “Party Cookies.”  Easter, Hannukah, Christmas, Valentine’s, and even Father’s Day cookies are grouped as “Holiday Cookies.”  Even if you are simply looking for a ballin’ new recipe to try, you could check under “Everyday Cookies.”  

Some of our favorite ideas include a Frank Lloyd Wright-style gingerbread house, cute PB&J cookies with piped on faces, and homemade fortune cookies (which is accompanied by a list of fortune ideas like “To shine is better than to reflect”).  

It’s almost a guarantee that you can stun your guests at any occasion by pulling one of these cookies out, but be prepared for the hoard of guests asking where they can find the recipe!

What is your favorite cookie recipe to pull out for a special occasion?

Crazy About Cookies by Krystina Castella is available on Amazon here.



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