Fun Gift Ideas for Crafty Kids

Do you know any mini-Martha Stewarts or little DIYers in training? For kids who love to build, draw, shape and create – here are a few of our favorite gift ideas.
Rainbow Loom


Inspire your little ones to use their imaginations with the newest arts & crafts toy craze – the Rainbow Loom! Kids use the loom to turn strong rubber bands (that come in bright and fun neon colors) into stretchy bracelets, necklaces and more. 
SIGG Glo Monster Aluminum Water Bottles
Spark your little one’s creativity with these adorable aluminum water bottles – complete with monsters – from SIGG. Kids can use a felt tip pen to customize the outside of their bottles, or even a blacklight pen, since these crazy bottles glow in the dark!!! Whether they make designs that are scary or silly, they’re sure to love this eco-friendly lunchbox accessory. 
Crayola Digitools Deluxe Pack
Do you have an aspiring artist in the family? Crayola DigiTools give kids four different ways to let their imagination run wild while drawing on an iPad. The 3D Stylus, Digital Crayon, Digital Airbrush, and Digital Stamper offer hundreds of different color options and animated figures that can be incorporated into any design. No mess from crayons or markers and unlimited creative possibilities! 
Goldie Blox Construction Set
This award-winning book series plus construction set starring Goldie, the girl inventor, helps kids build spatial skills, engineering principles, and confidence in problem-solving. The set comes with 16 design ideas and endless more possibilities! 
KidzSafe My Design D.I.Y. Headphones
MyDesign D.I.Y. Headphones are a blank canvas ready for kids to design! They come with more than 50 stickers, 4 colofrful ear pads, 2 matching cords and a customizable carry case. Perfect for boys and girls who want to rock out in style! 
Glitzi Globes
Glitzi Globes is a fun new way to shake things up! The kit lets kids design different glittery, sparkly globes full of floating charms that they can wear as jewelry. Starter kit includes dome maker, four snow domes and bases, glitter, charms, holders and more. 



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