Tis the Season of Manic Mommies!


Is it the tryptophan in turkey that leads to holiday exhaustion? It certainly couldnt be the reason I tend to feel tired until New Year’s. Stay awake until midnight on purpose? Youve got to be kidding. Maybe its estrogen-related because most women I know experience the same seasonal symptoms.

Talking to Your Children About 9/11


Today marks the anniversary of September 11th. The media will be saturated with stories, images and news as we remember this tragic day. I still remember my then 2-year-old daughter playing with toys in the next room while I watched the towers collapse on the news. I was frightened for New York, the United States and of course, my child.

If Movies Were Right About Summer Camp


During the hot summer months, kids all over the country pack their bags and head off for a few weeks of fun outdoor adventures at sleepaway camp. In the 1980s, sleepaway camp wasnt an option for a lower middle-class family like mine. Latchkey kids spent the summer parked in front of the TV.

The Moms Behind Brochu Walker


I didnt change out of sweatpants until my youngest child was in kindergarten. So, it amazes me that fellow moms Lisa Brochu and Lauren Walker find time to not only look stylish but also manage and design a successful clothing line- Brochu Walker.