It’s Okay to Brag During Performance Reviews


It is almost time for annual performance reviews at many companies. I can already feel the anxiety building as we prepare to receive some “constructive feedback” about our job performance and decisions about promotions and raises. Annual performance reviews are especially stressful for many women. Whether this is due to cultural norms of female modesty […]

Make Your Profile Standout on LinkedIn


Now that year-end crunch time is over, you may be cashing in your holiday bonus check and checking out new employment opportunities. Many employers use social media to recruit new employees, mostly through LinkedIn. Translation: create a great Linkedin profile, and fast! An effective LinkedIn profile allows you to present yourself in a multi-dimensional way […]

How to Prioritize at Work When Everything is a Top Priority


It’s mid-way through January, but I’m still making my list of work-related New Year’s resolutions. One of my biggest challenges is how to prioritize my workload and manage the competing demands for my time, but without upsetting my family, manager, clients or coworkers. Sound familiar? It’s easy to fall into a rut of viewing every […]