Top 5 Chores Best Completed Right Away


Chores. Nobody really cares for them, but everyone has to do them. Indeed, chores are ongoing responsibilities that can pile up very quickly if we’re not careful, and often leave us in inconvenient situations when not completed. Because we don’t look forward to doing chores anyway, the tension mounts and procrastination only gets worse as […]

The Impracticality of Perfection


It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting, or if you have three children. Your child can be an infant, a third grader, or heading off to college this summer. As moms, we strive to give our children the best, and at many times, we strive to be the best, too. We envision ourselves as being highly […]

Feminism Isn’t Just For Little Girls


Feminism. It’s that other f-word. It’s hard to define, carries a distinct connotation, and quickly divides people. Our culture has a very clear concept of what feminism is and whom feminism serves. Usually, when a woman classifies herself as a feminist, she’s thought of as prizing femininity and despising masculinity. She’s a fierce competitor to […]

Pole Dancing – The Toughest Workout You’ll Ever Do


Making healthy choices is the trend these days with people opting for blenders, juices, and fresh produce over fast foods, processed foods, and synthetic ingredients. With this shift in perspective over nutrition, people are also seeking alternative means for exercise, attending boot camps, doing home workouts, and even planning “hike” vacations to majestic sites. The […]

Not All Women Want To Be Moms


It’s no secret that we tend to choose our friends based on who we have things in common with. We like to share visions of our personal and professional goals with people who are similarly striving for achievements, and meeting people who are working toward the same goals you are can be inspiring in many […]

Curly Hair is Not a Curse


Pic of Antoinette’s daughter, Kennedy. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in beauty salons. I would go with my mom as she got her hair done, and she would take me to a stylist for new ‘dos for dance recitals as well as for long-term styles, like braids or hair pieces, which gave […]