Getting Your Child to Sleep While on Vacation


Vacation. Its a great time for families to experience new things and have fun adventures, but it can also wreak havoc on a childs sleep routine. Sleeping in a new place is never easy and you can expect that there will be interruptions to the sleeping patterns that your children have become so accustomed to. Knowing this going in – in addition to the tips below – will make for a smoother transition and a better vacation time for all!

Kids and Sleep: Making the Transition From Crib to Bed


The move from crib to bed – its something every parent fears. Will it disrupt the sleep pattern? Will I end up with a child in my bed every night? Is my baby growing up too fast? The questions go on and on. Its natural to worry about a big step like this, but you have to be strong and follow the ABCs of sleep training: be Assertive, Believe in yourself and your child that you can do this, and Commit to the transition.