Autism and High School

Well, here it is, I can’t believe this is happening, but today I helped my son apply for high school. What did we do? In our local area, our high school is very respectable. It carries high honors from academics to athletics, and is has a very good reputation. However, it is a very large […]

Back to School for a Teenager with Autism

My 8th grader loves his vacations. The longer the better. He also loves his weekends. Any studying that has to occur on a weekend is met with lots of protests. How do I get my son back into the school swing of things? One thing I do is occasionally mention to my son that school […]

The Autism Affirmation

This is what I call the Autism Affirmation: My son will state something, like “You’ll pick me up at five o’clock and then we’ll go to get a burger.” This will happen right after I’ve informed him of a plan…This sample plan is that I’m picking him up and a certain time and we’ll go […]

An Autism-Friendship-related Challenge

My son has a friend—which in itself is a big deal in the world of autism. And, it’s a big deal for our kid. My son has known a lot of kids, but has never had too many close friendships over the years. And, the “friends” he did have were mostly through social groups. He […]

A Child with Autism and School

My son is in middle school. Ever since school got to be “serious” (which means nightly homework and chapter tests that need a day or two or three to get prepared), my son has sometimes had problems with the time homework and studying takes AWAY from his home time. His home time means his allotted […]

Those Precious Moments with My Son with Autism

My son’s history teacher recently gave him an assignment where he had to write about an important moment in his life that changed him in some way, or an important moment in the life of someone close to him that changed that person in some way. What did he write about? He wasn’t sure at […]

Observations of an Autism Teen Club

Recently, I sat just outside the door to my son’s Autism Teen Club meeting. These meetings take place bi-weekly with one meeting taking place at the facility while the other taking place somewhere within the community (within a twenty mile radius of the facility). What happened while I was sitting there? As an experience people-watcher/listener, […]

Autism and Politics

Okay, here I go… So, our son is a teenager, and he’s very interested in this election. A few months ago he began to ask questions. I answered his questions to the best of my ability. When he asked me how I felt about things, I told him. I told him how I felt about […]

Autism and Sudden House Changes

Recently, we discovered some unexplained water on our kitchen tile. We eventually called our insurance company so they could come out and take a look. It turned out to be a slow but significant leak in our kitchen area. And, it not only involved water, we had mold as well. What happened? Well, our insurance […]

An Autism-related Puzzle – Part 2

Last week I discussed an issue with some friends of ours and their autistic teenager. The child had lost a cell phone for the second time within three weeks. This time, the phone was hidden within the child’s backpack and the backpack was put down in a “secure” area. The parents contacted the school and […]