Farmer’s Market Salad Recipe


All ingredients/produce can be found at your local farmer’s market! Quick, Easy and HEALTHY! YUMMMMM 1 Reed avocado 1 Haas avocado 8 grape tomatoes 2 Persian cucumbers 1 Japanese cucumber Green onions (scallions) 1 ear of corn 3-4 pinches of Goat Cheese 1 large carrot (grated) 1 bag of herb salad mix 1 lime (to squeeze over […]

Let’s Cook: Healthy Philly Cheesesteak Recipe


Want a great lunch recipe for your family that will fill them up without weighing them down? This healthy sandwich is just the thing! It’s a Philly Cheesesteak – minus the steak! It might sound crazy but you won’t believe how delicious AND nutritious this yummy lunch is. Your kids will gobble it up! Healthy Philly Cheesesteak Recipe Ingredients

Baby Pibu Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit


Founded by dermatologist mom Dr. Amy Kim, Baby Pibu is devoted to making only the purest, gentlest skin-care products for your baby.Newborns and young children can suffer from allergic reactions to the dyes, fragrances and other ingredients in many skin-care products. And the last thing new parents need to deal with is a red, itchy rash on their darling little one.Baby Pibu makes everything from bath-time wash and hydrating ointment to sunscreen and …

Thanksgiving Turkeys Craft Kit


Thanksgiving is nearly here and I found a great craft project for the little ones – plus, crossed table decorations off my to-do list in one fell swoop!The Thanksgiving Turkeys craft kit from Kiwi Crate comes with everything your kids need to make adorable place cards that are perfect for the holidays.With high-quality jumbo crayons, lightweight clay, feathers, googly eyes and more, this set promises to provide hours of fun – it even has a …

Delicious Eggplant Dip Recipe


This eggplant dip is the perfect thing for your next party or gathering. Just whip it up and serve with pita bread, veggies or anything else you like to munch on. Yum! Ingredients: 4 eggplants 1 onion, chopped finely 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup lemon juice Salt and pepper to taste Directions:

Homemade Hummus

Hi there!Hummus is a favorite snack of mine, and it is really easy to make at home.On my blog today I shared a basic recipe that I make for my family.If you would like to see the recipe here is the link: