Gear Up for Lemonade Stand Season with Bizainy Activity Kits


Want to put your kids on the path for success by teaching them business skills at an early age? A new company, Bizainyfounded by mompreneur marketing executive, Carolyn Stone Enenstein has released entertaining and practical
activity kits for children and teens.

Here are three of
the awesome kits that will help parents instill entrepreneurial skills while their kids are still young:

1. The Babysitting Start-U Kit

Babysitters are in high demand these days, and it’s a great way for children to start making money while also learning about responsibility. This kit includes: instructions pad, a
sitters report pad, client book, business cards, kid postcards, kid stickers,
sitter tote bag and a business planner containing business tips, negotiating
tips and a babysitter checklist. The kit has all the tools to provide kids with “life-long business
skills” and the incentive to go out and babysit as soon as they are old enough!
Ages 10-110.

2. The Charity Bake Sale Kit

Get your very own Bizainy Charity Bake Sale Kit! How many times have you driven by a group of kids and adults on the
side of the road selling cookies or yummy treats? You’re probably more likely to stop if the bake sale is for a good cause! This kit provides your child or teenager with the tools necessary to market such an event while also giving him or her the incentive to give back and give to others selflessly. Plus, it explains how non-profit organizations operate and the benefits of giving back to the community. The kit includes a sale banner, sign to spin, cause information sign, a decorate-your-own-moneybox, a sales pad, donor stickers, donation jar sticker, and a fundraising planner. Ages 5-105.

3. The Lemonade Stand Kit

Last but certainly not least, is the traditional lemonade stand kit – a vital part of childhood. Most of us have gone through the phase where we thought the best way to make money was to make something in large quantity from supplies around the house. Thus,
many jump on the opportunity to compress lemons into sweet, ice-cold refreshing
lemonade! It’s a fun way to interact with neighbors and
adults and develop marketing skills and sales tactics. This start-up kit includes a sale banner, signs to spin, a decorate your own money box, price
sign, sales pad and a business plan with sales strategies, budgets and profits,
lemonade recipes and customer lists. Because who doesn’t love lemonade? And after all, you can’t put a price on experience!



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