Family Halloween Games


Halloween is a special time of the year when people can dress up in all types of costumes, from scary monster outfits to unusual professions such as lumberjacks. Kids get to go outside from door to door, trick-or-treating, and usually return with a bounty of goodies. Once the candy collection activities are over, though, there is still time for family Halloween fun. These Halloween games can help extend the festivities and provide an entertainment outlet for the entire family.

Halloween Memory Game

This is a game that can be brought out at the last minute, when nobody is expecting a game. Halloween items such as candy corn, plastic spiders, miniature skeletons and other Halloween décor are placed on a tray and showed briefly to the family. After the tray is taken away, family members must write down as many items as possible from memory. An incorrect guess costs one point, and every correct guess counts as one point. The player with the most points wins.

Monster Ball

Everyone is familiar with the game of kickball, which is played like softball except a large bouncy ball is used and the players at bat kick the ball instead of hitting it. They run bases as in a normal softball game. What makes the Halloween version of kickball fun is to have family members play the game while in costume. This can lead to rounds of laughter for players who have constrictive costumes. The game can be played with as many or as few innings as desired.

Witch Hat Walk

This game is played much like the cake walks that are seen at fairs and carnivals–where everyone walks in a circle until the music stops. For this game, a large witch hat is drawn on four large poster boards that have been taped together. Players close their eyes and hold hands as they walk around the picture of the hat. When the music stops, players stop, too. Whoever is standing on part of the hat drawing is out. The last player in the game receives a special Halloween treat.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Use pumpkins with large stems, and line them up. Draw a point value on each pumpkin, with the closest pumpkin having the lowest value and the farthest having the biggest value. Rings can be made from embroidery hoops or short pieces of rope that are formed into rings by using duct tape. Everyone should have the same number of opportunities to toss the rings. Point values are added for each ring successfully landing around a stem. The player with the most points at the end wins.



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