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Cute, Short Haircuts for Kids

Keep your child’s hair care routine simple by keeping his hair short. The most you’ll have to worry about with a short haircut is getting your child to the salon often enough to keep the cut maintained. In some cases, such as a boy’s buzz cut or bangs on a little girl, you can maintain the style yourself at home.


Named for the Roman emperor and resembling his hairstyle, the Caesar haircut is a simple, no-frills short style for boys. The hair has no part and is brushed forward so that it extends about 1 inch down onto the forehead. It’s cropped close to the head and above the ears.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a great haircut for active little girls. The hair is cut close to the head and can be anywhere from less than 1 inch long on the back and sides to several inches long on the top. It’s a great wash-and-wear style that’s suitable for girls who can’t be bothered with combing or brushing. You can dress the style up for school or special occasions by sliding a sparkling barrette into the hair or by pulling a headband over it.

Crew Cut

The crew cut earned its name in the 1920s when John Hay Whitney, a student at Yale and a member of the crew team, asked for a short hair cut. The hair in a crew cut is longer on the top of the head, particularly at the front. It is cut very short on the sides and on the back. If the hair is cut uniformly short all over the head and is less than 3/4 inch long, it becomes a buzz cut. You could cut your son’s hair into either a crew or a buzz cut at home using electric clippers.

The Bob

Your daughter has a lot of options when it comes to getting a bob haircut. She can have cute, short bangs or keep the front portion of her hair the same length as the back. She can also get a bob that tapers from chin length in the front to cut just above the nape of the neck in the back. She can choose to part her hair in the center or off to one side. Bobs tend to grow out neatly. You can dress up her hair with a few barrettes or try pulling it into a tiny ponytail.

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