Help Kids Handle Life’s Tough Situations With “Have A Plan” Books From Little BLUEPRINT
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Help Kids Handle Life’s Tough Situations With “Have A Plan” Books From Little BLUEPRINT

The following is a guest post from Katherine Eskovitz, founder of little BLUEPRINT.
When my daughter was two, she went to pre-school for the first time, and I thought it was one of the biggest days ever. When she was three, we moved across the country, and I was worried it would rock her world. Shortly after we moved, her sister had to have her tonsils removed, and we braced ourselves for surgery. 
These were not uncommon events, but the stress of the unknown felt huge to us, especially to my children… we all felt as though we were the first human beings ever to encounter these situations.
Each time my children faced new milestones, I immediately went out and bought every parenting guide I could find to educate myself.  But when I went to buy books for my children, I struggled to find ones that were helpful.  
It seemed like there was an entire genre of children’s literature that was missing: guides for kids on real-life situations. I felt that many children’s book underestimated their emotional intelligence and their need to address situations honestly and thoughtfully.  And so, I began researching and writing personalized books for my children as we encountered new situations:  tonsils, siblings, school, moving, business trips… the list went on and on.  
These books became my children’s favorite books – the ones they carried around with them and talked about – because they were relevant to their lives. My kids craved a guide, and they wanted to feel a sense of control over new situations.  
Over the years, I made dozens of books for my children and their friends.  One evening, I got a request to make a book for a friend of a friend of a friend who had to prepare her children quickly for her trip to the hospital for a double mastectomy.  
I remember that moment, sitting in our kitchen, when my husband convinced me to leave my legal career to focus on making these universal books for other peoples’ children. And that is how little BLUEPRINT was born.  I spent the next three years researching, collaborating with experts, and writing Have a Plan Books to empower children to create their own plans so that they face new and challenging situations with confidence, security, and flexibility.
There are so many universal, real-life situations for which parents do not have the time to research and write books, but for which we could all benefit from an expert-endorsed, personalized little BLUEPRINT. 
How do I help my son understand why he needs sleep and how to get to bed faster?

I’m so tired of the holidays being about only PRESENTS – how do I help change the focus of our children?

How do I teach my daughters to keep their body safe without scaring them?

How do I talk to my son about my husband and my separation?

Our dog died – how do I help our children understand death?
We all face so many of the same childhood milestones and challenges in our lives. But with Have a Plan Books, children have a guide to develop the skills they need to thrive through anything they encounter in life.
To buy your own Have a Plan Book, either personalized or ready-made, go to

Katherine Eskovitz is the author, founder & CEO of little BLUEPRINT. A graduate of Yale Law School and Cornell University, former federal prosecutor and partner of a national law firm, Katherine is now a full-time author, lecturer, and momtrepreneur.
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