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Feel the Clean: Clear Out Your Rooms In Time for Spring

It?s springtime. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the bees are a?buzzing. And yes, America?s favorite pastime (we don?t need to spell it out, do we?) is in full swing. But along with all these smile-inducing events, comes one not so thrilling springtime ritual. You got it — the Big Clean.

When you have children, this seasonal rite of passage is a bit more down and dirty. So we say, include them in the action. It?s never too early to teach kids that their room is their responsibility. Even toddlers can have fun helping to find a place for their all of their books, blankies, bunnies . . . you get the idea, all of their stuff!

To help get you and your reluctant child started, here are some of The Baby Planners? tips to clean that nursery, straighten up that playroom, and make spring cleaning an all together sparkling experience!

Start Small: We recommend tackling smaller and more manageable areas first. You don?t want to be overwhelmed by the entire house and quit before you really get going! So we say head straight to the closet! (Hint: if your adventurous try color coordinating everything in the closet for easier access. It may only last a day, but oh! what a day that will be!)

Get Organized: Take a look around your room and assess your storage options. Under the bed is a great place for keeping winter items. An over-the-door shoe rack can do wonders for your closet space. Plastic bins are a great place for storing everything from toys to books to diapers.

Take inventory: The fabulous rainbow sneakers your child refused to wear that are now two sizes too small? Yup, time to clean house. There?s the Giveaway Pile, the Save For Next Winter pile, and of course, when in doubt, throw it out!

Now that you?ve gotten organized, send your children outside to play and put your gloves on because it?s time for the Deep Clean!

Let the dust fly!: Every surface from fixtures to crib rails needs a good going over.

Bed, Bath and Beyond!: Germs and bacteria lurk everywhere, especially around babies and toddlers. Everything — from the bath mat to the crib linens –needs a good washing.

On the Go: Your car seat and stroller covers are removable for a reason. Throw them in the wash and kiss those spit-up stains goodbye!

Go Green: There?s no better place to do it than in your baby?s living spaces. From Seventh Generation to Green Nest cleaning products, you?ll be taking good care of your home and your little ones as well!

Testing!: From smoke to carbon monoxide detectors, check the batteries and replace when necessary.

The End: Now that you?ve de-cluttered, dusted, and disinfected, bring the kids back in for the grand finale! Pull out that vacuum cleaner, let the kids in on the fun, and work your way around the room.

Voila, you?re done! Take a look around, breathe in the spring time freshness, then go outside to start enjoying the real deal!

Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller are The Baby Planners?, Los Angeles? premiere baby planning experts, offering nationwide consultations as well as personal baby concierge service. They’ve been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, NBC?s In The Loop with iVillage and Pregnancy Magazine. They can be found at www.thebabyplanners.com.

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