5 Fabulous Fall Trends You Gotta Get!
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5 Fabulous Fall Trends You Gotta Get!

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to update your wardrobe for Fall. No matter where you shop for your fall pieces, you can get the latest Fall trends and continue being one hot mama. Here are some trends you need to get on board with if you want to be styling this season.

Go Green

This Fall, it’s all about going green. And, I don’t mean recycling and conserving water (although you should be doing that too!). Green is the hot color you’ll be seeing everywhere this season. But, what shade is best? Dark green, jade green or military green is popular for Fall, as opposed to brighter and sunnier greens like the ones you’ve been rocking for summer. You can go green with apparel or accessories: from dresses and belts, to purses, shoes and, of course, scarves. This Nordstrom windowpane crease scarf is a great accessory that adds just a pop of green to an otherwise toned-down outfit. People will be green with envy at how good you look!

Boyfriend Cardigan

Layering is a must for any cold weather season, so why not do it in style? Wearing a boyfriend cardigan will not only keep you warm, you’ll look super stylish to boot. And, it’s so versatile. You can wear it over a casual tank top and jeans, over a dress or over a blouse and trousers. Choose a pretty basic one so that you can change up what you pair it with. You won’t regret adding a boyfriend cardigan to your wardrobe, because you’re sure to wear it all the time!

Military Influence

Buckles, camouflage, belts, utility pockets – all of these military accents add style to your Fall wardrobe. Choose one or two of these accents for the military influence, without going overboard. If someone asks you if you’re in the army, you’ve gone a little too far. This AGB military shirt dress puts a fresh, sophisticated spin on the military trend. The utility pockets and belt add edge to the classic silhouette.

Boots with Buckles

Going along with the military influence, boots with buckles are totally in right now. Mixing tough details like buckles with a classic feminine heel is the perfect way to go this season. Wear them with skinny jeans tucked in, leggings, or a skirt with tights. These Guess Panoa boots, available at Macys.com, will become your best friend; you’ll want to wear them everywhere!

Structured Purses

Put your slouchy, over-sized purses away and get one of the season’s hottest structured handbags. Structured bags are polished and sophisticated, rather than sloppy. This Nine West Plain Jane Satchel is anything but plain. Its belt buckle details fit the season’s trend perfectly and its neutral, nude color ensures it goes with everything in your closet. It’ll look especially great paired with any of these other Fall trends.

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