Easy Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies!
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Easy Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies!

Before you go crazy scrambling to buy supplies and books, make sure you have what your kids will need from their school and teachers! These lists should be available to you so you purchase the right items for your kids’ classes. Check with your school before you shop! See if they also have any deals or discounts with local retailers too!

Reuse and Recycle

The best way to save is to reuse and recycle what you already have! Find last year’s backpack and lunch boxes; see if they can be used again or could be donated or tossed out. If they are still good, but your kid turns her nose up at using the same one, see if there is another family you could trade with. What’s old to you is new to them! Also, reuse old locker locks and locker shelving, gym bags and shoes (if they still fit). Buy used – used books, used uniforms, and used computer programs can be found online and in resale shops. Many schools have used book programs.


Recycle any old sports uniforms – contact the coaches to make sure there is no change in uniforms for the upcoming year and let them know you have one available for a kid in your child’s size. Why keep them if your kid no longer is on that team or plays that sport? On the flip side, if your kid wants to play for that team, seek out a parent whose kid no longer wants to play and get the uniform from them! Go through the kids’ clothing and donate or toss what doesn’t fit; talk to friends and neighbors to see if they can exchange clothing, backpacks, and books for school. If your school has uniforms, check with parents a year ahead of your kid to see if anyone has outgrown their uniform! Do the same with your “too small” uniforms for the grade your kid just left. See if you can do an exchange!

Back to School Sales

Back to School is the best time to stock up on school items as well as home office items! Sales this time of year are amazing – keep your eyes open and scan your local sales flyers for deals. Ask your friends and neighbors to let you know if they find any great deals and you do the same. Have your friends pick up sale items they see for you – and you do the same. Save receipts in case anything needs to be returned – this will save tons of time, not to mention the gas saved by not going back and forth!

Shop the Sales Rack

Look in the end of season racks to buy things for the warmer seasons at school like swimwear, bathing caps, sweatpants, sweaters, light jackets, socks, shoes, sandals, etc. Do the same at the end of winter, beginning of Spring. You can find really great deals on the warm weather clothing mid to end of any season! Then you will have it for the next school year!

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