Easy Home-Made Costume Ideas for Kids
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Easy Home-Made Costume Ideas for Kids

We love the idea of the homemade costume! Sure they may be into Superman this year and with all the rushing around, it may just seem easier to just go ahead and buy a costume. But making costumes with the kids is the best way to bond and create real memories for both of you! Here are some simple ideas that you can probably make using items you already have at home. Girls and boys can be dressed up in these outfits – or use your imagination with your child to create your own costume!

Bumble Bee

Dress your little one in a black leotard, leggings, and shoes. Tack or tape large strips of bright yellow felt (depending on the size of your child) to the front and back of the top. Add fairy wings, or make wings using hangars tied together with pipe cleaners and tape and covered with plastic wrap. You can also add bug antennas by tying pipe cleaners to barrettes or a head band.


Dress your child in large pants and shirt that buttons down the front; after child puts on, tie pant legs and shirt cuffs with rope or twine. Stuff pants and shirt with pillows, towels or batting to make puffy-looking. Add cross of stick to shoulders under the shirt to look like the child came right off the corn field! Then, under the rope or twine add pieces of straw or straw colored yarn. Add straw/yarn coming out between buttons of the shirt and around collar (we suggest you add a shirt underneath so your child will not itch). Add gloves, an old hat (again with straw coming out like hair), face paint and you are set!

Robin Hood

Green tights, brown shoes (can cut paper sandwich bags so they look like olden shoe-boots – can either wear over shoes or tucked in shoes); long green sweatshirt belted; knife on belt (play knife only); homemade bow (stick & sting); arrows (sticks with construction paper “feathers”); cap made out of newspaper painted green or brown, or made out of construction paper (be sure it has tie/elastic for under the chin). Paint face with mustache and goatee. Can also add pouch to belt (for gold and silver!).

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