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Simple Tips for Keeping Your Family Organized

After a long day of work, I
want my evenings with my son to be quality time—not hours spent trying to find
things, remember things and manage the chaos. I’ve always found that a little
bit of organization goes a long way, and that, with the right tools, our family
time runs a lot more smoothly. Now, busy parents don’t always have the time to
seek out great organizational products, but luckily, that’s my job! Here are
some of the great items I’ve found that will help you get organized, enjoy
together time, and maybe even save your sanity in the process.

Itzbeen Baby Timer

Take your parenting high-tech
with this handy device that keeps track of basic baby activities so you can see
how long ago your baby ate, slept, had a diaper change and more. Just press the
button to reset and the timer starts counting up. You can also set a reminder
alarm if you’re trying to stick to a schedule. A great solution for frazzled
and sleep-deprived parents.

Mom Agenda Desktop Planner

It’s easy to be SuperMom with
this stylish desktop calendar. It not only helps you take charge of your busy
schedule, but it lets you keep track of all the other schedules you’re in
charge of, too. Each spread shows a week at a time, with rows for mom and up to
four children.

Family Journals Set by

The perfect set for the
conscientious parent who doesn’t want to forget a thing. The “Feed
Me” journal is a great, low-tech way to keep track of nursing and feeding.
“Look What I Got” is a handy gift log and a great way to remember all
the oh-so-important thank-you notes, and “Special Moments” is a place
to record extra-special baby memories.

Frog Pod Bath Toy Holder

Here’s a great way to keep those tub toys from taking over the bathroom. The
Frog Pod conveniently scoops up and stores squirters, floaties and more, and
even lets them drain and dry. The innovative design also includes froggy
fingers that double as hooks and a hidden shelf for shampoo and more. Cute and
practical, all in one.

Medicube Essentials Kit

No more rummaging for
baby-care essentials. This handy kit keeps everything together and all in one
place. It includes a digital thermometer, medi spoon, nasal aspirator,
water-filled teether, nail clippers, and a comb and brush. The box keeps them
neatly organized and tucked away box for easy, everyday access.


Fresh Food Trays

If you love the idea of
pureeing fresh fruits and vegetables for your child, this is a great way to
save a lot of effort. Use these simple, innovative trays to store and freeze
pureed produce and you’ll have a stash of ready-to-serve meals that would make
your mother proud. One ice cube-sized serving is just right for most little
ones, and with a quick warm-up, you’re set.

Chow Baby Food Organizer

It’s easy to pick out a meal
in a hurry when you keep your baby food jars organized and accessible. Each
shelf spins independently, and its space-saving design even allows you to see
the jar labels. It’s ideal for the pantry, but contemporary enough for the


Baby On The Go Feeding Set

This feeding set is packaged
in a cute zippered case that goes wherever you go! A must for active families,
it includes a divided plate, 4 sippy cups and 3 snack cups — all with
tight-sealing lids to keep snacks contained — plus a plastic spoon and fork.
The perfect starter set for feeding organization on the go!

*Lucky for Modern Mom
readers, Ali’s made finding the above products easy: they’re all available at
giggle.com, or at better baby boutiques near you.

Ali Wing, is the CEO and
founder of giggle, the children’s lifestyle stores whose motto is happy.
healthy. baby. A regular speaker on lifestyle topics for parents, Ali
co-authored the lilaguide baby gear buyer’s guide. Her new book, “The giggle
Guide to Gear” (Chronicle Publishing) hits shelves in 2008. For more from Ali’s
world, check out giggle.com

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