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Sweet & Oh-So-Easy Mother’s Day Treats

Go ahead! Hint to your family that you want something sweet and luscious for a Mother’s Day treat. With these easy recipes, mixes and mail-order solutions, you can get what you crave with minimal fuss – and maximum delight!

To Order:

Shari’s Berries: We love these festive chocolate-covered strawberries, which are almost too beautiful to eat. The dozen comes decorated with either white chocolate swizzles, almonds, mini-chocolate chips or fresh shredded coconut. And since they’re mostly fruit, there’s no guilt involved! One dozen for $44.99 at www.berries.com

Cream of the Crop Pears & Chocolate Truffles from Harry and David: Another healthy choice – well, almost! Harry and David’s beyond luscious Royal Riviera® Pears come with their sublime Chocolate Truffles. It’s a great combination because the flavors and textures mingle so divinely. $39.95 at www.harryanddavid.com

Bakery Sticky Cinnamon Buns: Who doesn’t love a little breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day? All your family has to do is warm these decadent little treats up, and add a fruit salad and a pot of tea on a pretty tray. But warn your hubby to plan accordingly: these cinnamon buns are shipped on Monday and Wednesday of each week, using 2-day delivery. One-dozen buns, $36.95, at www.kingarthurflour.com

To Make:

Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Perfect Pound Cake Trifle

This is classic Sandra Lee: Combine the right store-bought ingredients and – voila! – a knock-out dessert. You could make it even easier on your family by buying the glass trifle bowl ahead of time (www.crateandbarrel.com). The best news? This dessert tastes even better the next day – that is, if there’s any left.

Serves 8 to 10; prep time 15 minutes; chilling time 15 minutes

1 frozen pound cake (10.75 ounce), thawed Sara Lee®

½ cup cream sherry, Harvey’s Bristol Cream®

2 bags (12 ounces each) frozen mixed berries, thawed and drained

3 cups cold whole milk

1 box (5.1 ounce) vanilla instant pudding and pie filling mix, Jell-O®

1 container (12 ounce) frozen whipped topping, thawed, Cool Whip®

1. Trim the crusts off pound cake and cut cake crosswise into ¾-inch thick slices. Cut each cake slice diagonally in half, forming triangles. Place pound cake triangles in bottom of 21/2-quart clear-glass bowl. Brush pound cake generously with sherry. Spoon mixed berries evenly over cake.

2. Whisk milk and pudding mix in large bowl for 2 minutes or until creamy and beginning to thicken. Refrigerate pudding for 5 minutes or until pudding thickens. Pour pudding over mixed berries.

3. Refrigerate trifle for 10 minutes. Spread whipped topping over trifle. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Classic Carrot Cake from a Mix:

Here’s a super easy way for your family to make you a classic dessert. This all-natural mix features King Arthur white whole-wheat flour, dried carrots and pineapple, plus allspice, ginger, and Vietnamese cinnamon. It even includes mix for vanilla-scented cream cheese icing. Simply put, this mix is so easy even your husband can’t screw this up. $12.95, www.kingarthurflour.com

Chocolate Lava Cake Mix

Your family can “surprise” you with this “wow” gateau in the comfort of your own dining room. This amazing dark chocolate cake mix comes with its own hot fudge sauce that flows out when you cut into it. It’s made with King Arthur Flour, sweet chocolate, dark baker’s chocolate, dark cocoa, and pure premium vanilla. Just add water, butter, and eggs, bake, and the cake is ready in about 20 minutes. Mixing the ingredients is as easy as pie. But do note that your family wil need custard cups (available at www.surlatable.com) or silicone molds (order from www.kingarthurflour.com) to make these cakes. Also, an instant-read thermometer (available at most grocery stores) is a big help in assessing exactly when to pull the cakes out of the oven for the optimal “flow.”

The Chocolate Lava Cake Mix in Canister makes 12 individual 3 1/2″ cakes. $12.95. Available at

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