5 Ways to Plan a Pool Party
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5 Ways to Plan a Pool Party

Pool parties have an instant theme: fun in the water. The pool party can be enjoyed by children of all ages, with adult supervision. Whenever you are planning a pool party, it’s important to have a back-up plan. When the party is held at a home or at a public place where no reservations are needed, schedule a rain date and include that information on the pool party invitations. If you plan to have the party rain or shine, be prepared by having a party room set up indoors.

Host at Home

Host a pool party at your home or at the home of a close relative who owns a pool. Limit the number of children based on the pool capacity and on how many adults you expect to be on hand to watch over children in the pool. Write pool party on the invitations and ask guests to bring their own towels and a change of clothing, if there will be indoor activities. Provide extra beach towels to the guests. Serve light snacks including fruit and finger sandwiches. Serve heavier foods including cake or pizza after the swimming is done.

Refresh your first aid and CPR skills before the party to be prepared for any emergency situations or pool-side accidents. Write up and post a list of rules for the pool and go over them with party guests before the fun begins.

Rent a Pool

Rent a pool from a local girls’ club, boys’ club or club for kids. A YMCA or a locally-owned gym with a pool are also available for pool party rentals. Call early for prices to rent pools especially during the colder months when indoor pools are in high demand. Get prices for hourly rates and ask about special packages. Request to have a trained lifeguard or a member of the pool staff on hand. Get details about which facilities provide set up and clean up as part of the fee, which ones charge extra, and which ones expect you to do these activities.

Plan the party ahead of time, based on how long the pool is rented and how long you have access to additional facilities including a private room. Bring your own cake and decorations if the facility does not provide them as part of the package. Request help from a friend or family member to transport gifts back to your home when the pool party is for a birthday or other gift-giving occasion.

Meet-Up Party

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Plan a meet-up pool party at a town or city pool. Include the name of the pool location, the street address and the town on the invitation. Request that party guests meet at the pool. Accommodate children who may not have a ride to the pool party by offering to carpool one or two extra kids. Set up a picnic table or a picnic in the grass where kids can put their towels and belongings. Bring along folding chairs, coolers with ice and bottles of water or juice.

Toddler Party

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Plan a pool party for toddlers and younger children. Set up yard sprinklers for young children to keep cool at the pool party. Buy or borrow one or two plastic pools that you can fill with water and water toys. Invite toddlers and their parents to the pool party and request that parents stay for the fun and to supervise the fun.

Schedule some indoor activities and activities and games in the shade to keep toddlers cool at the party. Create water-based games in the yard including fishing for kid-friendly bath toys in pails of water.

Water Park Party

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Plan a pool party for tweens and teens at a water park or water slide park. Provide the parking passes or pay ahead for parking fees or pool fees for party guests, and include that information on the invitation. Make the request for additional adults who are willing to pay their own way to the party and help manage the kids. Call ahead for group discount rates.

Order or bake a cake and other snacks to bring along to the party. Bring enough bottled water and hydrating drinks in coolers. Check ahead with the park for rules and regulations on bringing food into the park.

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