Simple Ways You Can Promote Breast Cancer Awareness
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Simple Ways You Can Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Over 186,400 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, according to the CDC. The death rate from breast cancer in the same year was 41,116. With these statistics, breast cancer awareness remains a vital tool for the health of society. Breast cancer awareness activities don’t need to be elaborating orchestrated fundraising events. Simple tactics aim to reach into the community with an effective message of awareness.

Talk About It

Simply talking about breast cancer awareness to those around you sends a powerful message. Topics such as cancer and breasts are often swept under the rug. Starting the conversation may not be easy, but it may save a life if you inspire a friend or family member to get a mammogram or do a self breast examination. Mention in a casual conversation that you’re getting a mammogram or participating in a breast cancer awareness fundraiser. Talk to them about the facts of breast cancer. Remind them to schedule their own mammograms.

Social Media

Social media are more popular than ever. This form of communication allows you to disperse a message to hundreds of people with a few keystrokes on the computer. Using social media to get out your message of breast cancer awareness is simple and far-reaching. Twitter and Facebook are two popular social media sites. Use them to post links to breast cancer awareness sites, share breast cancer facts or alert your followers and friends to community fundraising opportunities for the cause.


Many breast cancer awareness fundraisers are held each year across the country. Find a local fundraising event and participate. Organize a team to join you for expanded fundraising potential. Whether you raise $10 or $10,000, your contributions help the cause and raise awareness amongst the community members. These events typically needs hundreds of volunteers to make them a success, which provides another opportunity for promoting the cause.

Wear Pink

Pink ribbons represent the efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer. Wearing a pink ribbon or other pink breast cancer awareness gear reminds others of the issue. The pink gear does the talking for you and reaches total strangers when out in public. Many products with the pink ribbon theme are sold, providing a number of options.

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