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Teen Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedrooms for teenagers often do not fit their inhabitants’ rapidly changing tastes. Some teen bedrooms feature a hodgepodge of decor features from earlier themes, while others center around gadgets, sport equipment and hobbies. Streamline and stylize your teenager’s bedroom space by investing in classic, functional pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as tall bookshelves that act as dividers or loft beds that hold a work area and storage underneath. Then you can accessorize with bright colors, bold graphics, interesting textiles, DIY projects and artwork that personalize the room and establish a decor scheme.

Hollywood Glam Teen Bedroom

Take a page from old Hollywood and decorate a teenager’s bedroom with brilliant colors and rococo features. Flocked velvet wallpaper may cover the walls, or paint walls a bold fuchsia and add stamps or stencils in black, silver or gold. A four-poster or canopy bad continues the ornamental look, while a large chandelier gives the space sculptural style. Cover floors with zebra print rugs and runners for graphic pop. Abundant table and floor lamps add appropriate glitter. Finish the look with a tall mirror in an ornately carved frame.

Modern Teen Bedroom

For a teen bedroom with a modern feeling, stick to low, modular pieces with angular frames. Light wood or metal furnishings keep the space looking bright and airy. Paint walls a new neutral such as sophisticated stone gray, warmer rosy gray, soft poppy seed black or pale yellow. If you paint the ceiling a bright white with blue undertones, using a semi-gloss finish, it will give the impression of more volume and reflect natural light. With bedding, floor covering, window treatments and pillow covers, emphasize the cool, contemporary and graphic. Abstract or geometric shapes, rather than representative figures, have futuristic style. Elements such as modular shelving, rolling carts, platform beds and simple futon mattresses keep the look minimalist and streamlined. Use track or recessed lighting to brighten the space and accent key elements such as artwork or a study area.

International Teen Bedroom

Your teenager can travel around the world without leaving the bedroom. An international theme in teen bedroom decor can go in a couple of directions. Maps, globes, travel gear and gadgets suggest a savvy person on the go. Use travel posters or artwork to highlight exotic locales such as Egyptian pyramids, surfing beaches, London bridges, desert canyons, the Swiss Alps or China’s Great Wall. For a more fanciful approach, decorate beyond borders with international textiles, furniture and handicrafts. Canopies in bold fuchsia and orange suggest an Indian palace, while paisley floor cushions and a low, carved table has Moroccan glam. Go Mexican rustic with cobalt blue bottles holding bright blossoms in the windowsill or visit a Parisian salon with an assemblage of artworks, vintage pieces and thrift-market finds grouped tightly on the wall.

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