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Today’s Popular Hairstyles

A new hairstyle can give you a fresh and stylish look. Today’s popular hairstyles work with a variety of hair types. and facial shapes. You can try a wash-and-go look or a higher maintenance lifestyle. With simple alterations to shape or cutting techniques, most popular hairstyles can work for you, regardless of age, body shape or hair texture.

Short and Choppy

Choppy layers can freshen a basic chin length cut or give added texture to a pixie cut. This is one fashion trend that works for both short- and medium-length hair. Keep your layers longer or asymmetrical if you have a round face, and opt for shorter ones to break up a longer face shape. Choppy layers can be placed around the face or throughout the crown and will add volume. Wear these layers loose and wavy or blown out straight. Use a texturizing pomade to keep the lengths clear and distinct.

The Bob

The bob remains a classic. Bobs are typically all or mostly one-length cuts and can be as short as chin length or as long as shoulder length. Bangs or a bit of razor cutting to soften the ends of your bob can keep this style looking fresh and give you a change without taking a drastic step. Shiny color and a good blow out are key for this traditional style. Add easy-going waves to your basic bob with flat iron curls or quick damp-set braids to create a relaxed and beach-worthy summer look.

Long Layers

A below-the-shoulder length cut with long, soft layers is one of the most wearable and flattering hairstyles. Blow this cut out for a sleek long look or wear it in relaxed and casual waves. Use a large barreled curling iron to create an old Hollywood look by curling your layers under and toward your face. Updos, ranging from an easy ponytail or bun to a classic and elegant French twist add to the versatility of long layers. Keep your hair healthy and shiny for the prettiest look if you opt for long locks.

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