Easy Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles
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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles

They may come with cute names like “laugh lines” or “crow’s feet,” but they are really just wrinkles–and chances are good, motherhood is going to add a few of them to your face. Though surgery and skin care products can help you send wrinkles packing, several easy ways to fight wrinkles are possible that might surprise you.


It’s not just for bodies anymore. Face yoga uses the same principles as traditional yoga–mindful movements and measured breathing–to increase the flexibility and suppleness of the skin on your face, which practitioners tell “O, The Oprah Magazine,” works like a mini-face lift and improves control of your facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Poses target specific problem areas. A pose to eliminate lip lines requires puffing first your upper and then your lower lip with air, while you raise your eyelids to smooth wrinkles around your eyes, according to the article in “O, The Oprah Magazine,” written by beauty editor Valerie Monroe.

Skip the Straw

Drinking from a straw may be making wrinkles around your mouth more obvious, according to an article in “More” magazine by beauty editor Nikki Ostasiewski, and switching your beverage-sipping habits can shave years off the delicate skin there. Any repetitive puckering motion can encourage your skin to form permanent wrinkles, so avoid drinking from bottles, straws and other containers that you have to to circle with your lips, suggests Ostasiewski.

Say Eye Do

Motherhood may not leave you with lots of time for beauty treatments, but make time for a daily dose of eye cream, recommends “Allure” magazine. Use the tip of your little finger to dab eye cream around your eyes. Look for a cream with peptides or zinc, which are strong enough to fight wrinkles but not so strong they can harm the delicate skin around your eyes, suggests “Allure.” And then make a commitment to avoid rubbing your eyes, even in your most sleep-deprived moments, so that your eye cream can have the maximum beneficial effect, according to Francesca Fusco, a New York-based dermatologist, in “Allure.”

Sleep Positions

Getting enough sleep is essential for wrinkle prevention, but the way you sleep matters, too, according to Ostasiewski. Tossing and turning or sleeping on your stomach pulls, tugs and creases your skin, causing wrinkles over time. Sleeping on your back prevents those wrinkles. If you need to, Ostasiewski recommends enlisting help from a support pillow that will keep you from turning over in your sleep.

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