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Pore Extraction

So you’ve finally gotten around to doing something nice for yourself for a change and are getting a facial. You are ready to relax and be pampered, knowing that your skin will look more fresh when you’re through. You arrive at the spa and are perhaps in a candlelit room with soft music playing in the background. What could be more relaxing? That is, until the esthetician starts in on your pores. Ouch!

Being Beautiful Is Hard Work

Pore extraction is when the esthetician uses a stainless-steel tool to poke and press your face. She is trying to rid your pores of built-up oil and debris. It may not feel very good, but women have always known that pain sometimes accompanies beauty. Pore extraction is the most effective way to remove ugly blackheads and to unclog pores, according to Skincare-news.com.

Clogged-Up Pores

Makeup, dirt and your skin’s natural oil are what lead to clogged pores in the first place. Cleansing your skin is important but is not always enough to get rid of heavy buildup and blackheads. That’s because cleansing is only getting the surface dirt off. Clogging of pores starts way below the surface, deep inside the pore. You can’t get rid of oils and excess skin cells that collect there, except by extraction. By extracting your pores on a regular basis and by daily cleansing, you will be able to keep from getting enlarged pores and acne, according to Skincare-news.com.

Prepare Yourself

The better the preparation, the less painful the extraction will be. When you go to a spa, the esthetician will first exfoliate your skin and then steam your face. Exfoliation will bring the dirt and oil to the surface so that she can extract the impacted pores better. Steam will open the pores some to make the extraction easier. After the esthetician preps you, the work begins. You will feel mostly pressure and maybe some pain when she is cleaning out your pores. Try doing some deep breathing during the procedure, and it will be over before you know it.

Do it at Home, with Caution

While no dermatologist or skin care professional will recommend that anyone perform an at-home extraction, sometimes we just have to. If you are dead-set on getting out some of those ugly blackheads, the least you can do is to do it safely. Otherwise, you risk scarring and infection. What you’ll do is to clean your face with a product containing salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid, according to Skincare-news.com. Next, steam your face with a facial steamer or put a towel over your head and lean over a steaming pot of water, a comfortable distance away so as not to burn yourself, for up to 15 minutes. If you see a blackhead on the surface of your skin, cover your index fingers with a tissue and press along the sides of the blackhead. Do not use tools, and do not press down and squeeze too hard to get it out, as this could damage your skin. If you do push too hard, you may force the blockage deeper into your skin.


To maintain your beautiful skin after and between extractions, cleanse it daily and exfoliate it often. Use a gentle exfoliant with natural ingredients such as oats, orange peel and rose petals, recommends Carefair.com. You can also buy a pore-perfecting cream that will help with the clogs and with the appearance of your pores. These creams and gels generally have glycolic acid and antioxidants.

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