What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in Young Men?
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What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in Young Men?

Some things are just a fact of life and a sign that we are getting older. In addition to bags under the eyes, worry lines and uncomfortable aches and pains, people often consider hair loss as a sign of aging. Unfortunately, many young men may also experience thinning hair long before they ever expected to. If your man seems to be losing his hair at an early age, you may wonder what could be causing this condition. The first step in treating early hair loss involves getting to the root of the matter by determining the cause.

Vanity Gone Wrong

Sometimes too much of a good thing can create all kinds of problems, including hair loss in young men. The American Academy of Dermatology warns against the improper use of chemical hair treatments, such as bleaches, permanent waves and straightening solutions. Using these treatments more often than recommended can cause hair breakage and loss. If your husband uses these chemicals on a regular basis, this practice may contribute to his hair loss.

Patchy Problems

A condition known as alopecia areata may cause your man to experience round, bald patches on his scalp. Usually a temporary condition, alopecia areata can show up on children and adults, regardless of age. Although the exact cause of this condition remains a mystery, many health professionals suspect an autoimmune condition may cause the appearance of these circular patches, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Your doctor may wish to treat this type of early baldness with cortisone injections or topical solutions.


Hair loss may be a symptom of toxic levels of substances in the body. Carol Turkington, author of the “Encyclopedia of Poisons and Antidotes,” warns that some elements may cause hair loss in many individuals. Boron is a natural element that combines with other substances to form borates. These borates exist in some foods, cosmetics and laundry detergents, and even in some sources of surface water. Exposure to excessive amounts of borates in his place of employment may cause your husband to notice hair loss, as well as other symptoms including diarrhea, headaches and vomiting. Turkington also suggests that toxic levels of other substances, such as lithium, meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale), prazosin hydrochloride and radiation may cause hair loss. Ask your husband to go in for medical testing if he thinks he may have come into contact with any of these substances.

Male Pattern Baldness

Not just limited to males, this condition can cause your husband to experience hair loss at an early age, especially if it runs in his family. Have him add this to the list of things he has to thank his ancestors for passing down to him. This type of baldness causes the hairs to fall from the scalp easily, creating an appearance of thinness and baldness. According to the Mayo Clinic, the strands of hairs also experience a shorter growth cycle and become more fragile with each cycle of growth.

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