Beauty Tips on How to Make Hair Grow Longer & Faster
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Beauty Tips on How to Make Hair Grow Longer & Faster

You might be able to make your hair grow longer faster by following a quality beauty regimen, eating right and avoiding unnecessary trauma to your locks, according to “Glamour Magazine” and “Marie Claire Magazine.” Hair growth speed is often genetic, but the Mayo Clinic notes you can boost your chances of lengthening your locks and increasing your mane’s body, especially through quality eating habits. Keep in mind that many over-the-counter (OTC) formulas claiming to cause hair to grow longer and faster offer inaccurate claims, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Step 1

Select a new hairstyle if you have been pulling those tresses tightly into braids, buns or ponytails. The Mayo Clinic notes that this cannot only prevent your hair from growing longer faster, but it may also lead to premature hair loss.

Step 2

Wash your hair only twice weekly with a chemical-free shampoo. “Glamour Magazine” recommends brands like Rusk Sensories Wellness Heal Restorative Shampoo and Matrix Biolage Delicate Care Shampoo. Too much hair washing traumatizes your locks and prevents them from growing even longer. Be gentle to your hair and scalp when shampooing; massage the shampoo between your hands and then throughout your crowning glory.

Step 3

Apply a deep conditioner once a week. If you use heat to style your hair, you should use a deep conditioning mask, according to “Marie Claire Magazine.” Quality brands recommended by the publication include Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin, Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment and Matrix Color Smart Intensive Masque.

Step 4

Eat the best food possible. The Mayo Clinic notes that omega-3 fatty acids can help boost your hair growth and overall health; these acids are usually found in fish. You might also want to take a daily multivitamin that consists of plenty of antioxidant blends and vitamin C to help your precious locks. Citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables also help promote better hair growth.

Step 5

Put down any hair care products that contain silicone. “Marie Claire Magazine” notes that these can literally snuff out your tresses.


  • Don’t blow dry your hair if you hope to have it grow longer in a shorter amount of time. The heat can greatly traumatize your locks and contribute to excessive hair loss, according to “Marie Claire Magazine.” Instead, let your tresses dry naturally. If you must blow dry your hair, then be especially mindful not to use excessive heat on one spot.

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