Tips on Growing Eyebrow Hair
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Tips on Growing Eyebrow Hair

Those patches of hair above your eyes are small and relatively insignificant. Once the eyebrows start getting sparse, though, these little swatches become incredibly important. Whether hair loss or overplucking has caused this thinning, you can encourage further growth and mask the sparseness until your brows come in thick and heavy the way you like.

Cover It Up

If eyebrow loss has already caused a significant patching on your face, mask the damage until more eyebrow hairs come in. Choose an eyebrow pencil slightly lighter than your own eyebrow hair. Fill in the spaces between your sparse hairs to give your eyebrows a thick, full look. While you wait for those hairs to come in, put down the tweezer. Only pluck hairs that are growing obviously, grossly away from all the others. Anything on the edge may be useful in thickening up the brow. Use an eyelash brush to comb it into the brow.

Encourage Growth

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs are available to spur hair growth. You can use a cotton swab or tissue corner to apply these products to your eyebrows. Keep the ointment only in the areas in which you want to encourage growth. There is no reason to grow hairs you will only pluck later. These drugs do not always work for every consumer, however. Discuss the option of topical drugs with your doctor before using them. A University of Maryland Medical Center website on hair disorders cites vitamin C and other antioxidants to be useful in hair growth. It also recommends vitamins A, B and omega-3 and other healthy fatty acids.

Prevent Loss

Relaxing and meditating may be useful if stress is causing your hair loss. The University of Maryland site recommends a mixture of 1 tsp. of olive oil and one drop of peppermint or rosemary oil. You can massage this onto your areas of hair loss for a natural growth encourager and as a relaxation tool. If overplucking is a problem, visit your local salon and ask for a tweezing. Keep that maintained and stay within the lines of the salon’s shaping. If you feel the need to tweeze, put your magnifying mirror away and look in your bathroom mirror. You can also ask your partner if he sees any stray hairs. If you don’t notice any that far out, no one else will. Once you magnify, you run the risk of plucking hairs that could be useful.

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