Easy Card Games for Kids
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Easy Card Games for Kids

Even though 21st-century children are intrigued by computer games with their fancy graphics and instant action, card games still hold a certain fascination for kids. Whether they are playing alone, with a parent or friend, or with a group, kids can increase their number and logic skills while having fun playing a variety of easy card games.

Collecting-Type Games

In card-collecting games, the object is to amass a certain number of cards in one suit or in a range of numbers. My Ship Sails is one example, as described at activityvillage.co.uk. Each child receives seven cards, face down, from the dealer. The children simply pass on the cards they don’t need as they try to collect seven cards of the same suit; the first player to do so shouts out “My ship sails.” Another card-collecting game, in which players try to collect all the cards is War; the rules for it and others like it are at fun.familyeducation.com.

Matching Games

Matching games are easy to learn and become easier to play with practice. In one version of the game Concentration, all the hearts and diamonds, except for the picture cards, are placed on the table face down in a grid. Children try to turn over two like-number cards to make a match. If they succeed, they keep the pair and take another turn. Cards that are not matched must be turned back over in their exact location. At pagat.com, players can find rules for some progressively more challenging matching games

No Cards Games

Instead of collecting the most cards, another kind of easy card game challenges players to be the first one to get rid of all their cards. Gin rummy is typical of this type of game. Another possibility is Snip, Snap, Snorem, in which the first player lays down a card and the next player tries to lay a card of the same rank on top, and when doing so, says Snip. For a second card of the same rank, the player says, Snap. The player who lays down the fourth card of the rank says snore and wins the round.

Playing Alone

It might take a little time for kids to catch on to the rules of Klondike, the most commonly played solitaire game, but once they do, they see how easy it is to play (although it’s not easy to win). The rules for Klondike and other easy solitaire games, such as Forty Thieves, Sir Tommy and Golf, are available at solitaire-game-rules.com.

Special Decks

Generations of kids have played games that require special decks, such as Old Maid, Go Fish and Crazy Eights. These games appeal to kids partly because of the illustrations on the cards and also because they are usually fast moving. Newer versions of these card games are commercially available, as well as special sets of cards for playing matching games and for playing adult games designed specifically for kids, such as Hearts.

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