Multivitamins to Help Female Sex Drive
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Multivitamins to Help Female Sex Drive

Many women experience periods of low libido and lack of interest in sexual activities. According to the Mayo Clinic, this lost of interest in sex can be a lifelong problem or begin after a period of sexual satisfaction. Many things cause women to experience occasional disinterest in sex, including physical changes due to aging, medical conditions, anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Addressing the underlying problem may enhance your sex drive, as well as consuming certain vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins that contain various nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, may help boost a woman’s sex drive.

Vitamin A

This fat-soluble vitamin plays an important role in your body’s reproductive organs. Many brands of multivitamins contain this element. Many types of food sources, such as sweet potatoes, spinach and turnips, contain healthy amounts of this vitamin.

B-Complex Vitamins

An ingredient in most multivitamin supplements, B vitamins may help your sex drive. Recognized for their ability to enhance a male’s sex drive, these vitamins may also increase your desire for sex. Certain B vitamins, including B5, B6 and B12, can help balance your hormone levels and help you fight stress.

Vitamin C

A nutrient helpful in protecting male sperm from free radical damage, vitamin C may also enhance your libido. This vitamin supports the overall health of your sex glands. Most multivitamins contain this important vitamin, and it exists naturally in many food sources, including oranges, limes, strawberries and tomatoes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can help your body produce sex hormones. This important vitamin also improves your circulation, including the circulation to your sexual organs. In addition to taking a multivitamin supplement that includes vitamin E, you may use this vitamin as a vaginal lubricant. Good Housekeeping magazine recommends puncturing a vitamin E capsule and applying the oil to your vaginal area. This may help rehydrate the tissue and increase your sensation.

Other Multivitamin Nutrients

Many varieties of multivitamins contain other nutrients, such as antioxidants, minerals and herbs. Some of these may also boost your sex drive. Look for multivitamin supplements that contain zinc, folic acid and selenium. These nutrients may protect against vaginal bacteria, protect your body from free radicals and improve fertility. Different brands of multivitamins contain different amounts of these helpful nutrients.

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