How to Stop Premature Graying
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How to Stop Premature Graying

If men turn prematurely gray, they look distinguished. Some men even wear their gray mane proudly, like Phil Donahue or Anderson Cooper. But if you gray prematurely and are out with your 3-year-old, for example, people tend ask how you like being a grandma. Premature graying–when more than half of your hair is white by the time you are 40–is mostly genetically determined, according to WebMD.

Step 1

Get enough vitamin B12 in your diet by eating cooked beef liver, salmon, grass-fed beef and organic cheese. You can also take a vitamin B12 supplement. Vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disorders and anemia can cause premature graying, according to WebMD.

Step 2

Drink buttermilk mixed with 2 tsp. each of yeast and wheat germ. This prevents premature graying, according to the Fat Free Kitchen website.

Step 3

Massage butter made with cow’s milk into your hair roots twice a week.

Step 4

Add curry leaves in your diet, recommends the I Love India website. If you don’t want to eat curry leaves on a daily basis, you can put the leaves in coconut oil and boil them. Strain the oil, and when it cools, put the solution on your scalp.

Step 5

Use Indian gooseberry juice to treat prematurely gray hair. Mix 1 tsp. gooseberry juice with 1 tsp. almond oil. Add a few drops of lime juice. Apply to your hair, and keep it on overnight. Wash it out in the morning.

Step 6

Cut up some Indian gooseberry fruit into pieces, and let them dry out. Put the dried fruit into coconut oil. When the solid matter becomes powdered, apply this oil to your hair.


  • Stress can cause you to go prematurely gray, not by turning your existing hair gray, but by causing hair loss. If you lose your hair due to stress and it falls out, the hair that grows back in might be gray.

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