Free Hair Regrowth Tips
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Free Hair Regrowth Tips

Like many things you take for granted, the health of your hair can diminish. Certain conditions, including age, illness and hormone changes, may cause your hair to thin. Even medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, can promote hair loss and balding. Styling techniques and chemical processes can also diminish hair health. Treating the underlying cause of your hair loss and incorporating healthy styling practices can help you minimize hair loss and grow an attractive mane of hair.

Eat Healthy

Your body depends on nutrients to feed its many cells. This includes your hair cells. Although your hair is not a living thing, the follicles require adequate nutrition to perform their function of growing new hair. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends eating foods that contain B-vitamins and iron, such as leafy greens and whole grains. Include antioxidant foods such as blueberries, squash and tomatoes. Reduce your intake of unhealthy substances, including trans-fatty acids, alcohol, tobacco and any known allergens.

Choose Gentle Products

Proper hair hygiene involves cleansing. Select gentle shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain harsh detergents. Avoid clarifying products that may strip the natural oils that help protect your hair strands. Rinse well to remove all traces of shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Residue can cause brittle hair that breaks easily.

Turn Down the Heat

Encourage healthy hair growth by treating your hair gently. Avoid hot implements that dry out your hair strands. Allow your damp hair to dry naturally. If you must use heated appliances, set the temperature control on its lowest setting and spray your hair first with a thermal styling aid.

Style Carefully

Pat your shampooed hair with a soft towel and gently work out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Avoid styles that require chemical solutions, such as permanent waves, straightening treatments and harsh bleaches. Use a scarf or hat to protect your hair from intense sun and drying winds. Keep your styles natural, avoiding tight braids and ponytails to avoid breaking down the hair shaft.

Try Medicating Your Scalp

According to the Mayo Clinic, some individuals find that minoxidil helps them grow new hair. This nonprescription medication may also help prevent further hair loss in some cases. It may require several months of use before you can determine how well this product works on your hair.

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