Easy Trendy Hairstyles
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Easy Trendy Hairstyles

You can style your hair in a trendy, up-to-the-minute way without spending hours in front of the mirror, fiddling with styling products, combs or hair dryers. Trendy hairstyles usually involve a twist on a classic look, such as a ponytail or braid. Many looks are supereasy because you are trying to capture that just-got-out-of-bed” look while still coming off as polished and pulled together.

The Trendy Ponytail

You can wear your hair in a ponytail and not look like you’re ready to hit the gym or the supermarket. Spice up this basic look by pulling it slightly to the side. You don’t want to position the ponytail directly over your ear or else you’ll look like you just fell out of the 1980s. Instead, secure it slightly off center on the back of your head. You can brush your hair back over your scalp or leave a side part in when you pull the hair back. Use a curling iron to add a bit of wave to the ponytail. You can also try pulling your hair into a ponytail, leaving the front portion loose. Run a curling iron through the front part of your hair to give it body and shape.

Trendy Braids

A braid can give you a schoolgirl look, or it can give you an up-to-date, fresh-from-a magazine style. Skip the basic braid or the classic French braid, which can take a while to get right, in favor of a more interesting-looking fishtail or rope braid. Divide your hair into two sections, and twist each into a coil. Wrap the two sections around each other to form a rope. If you have a lot of hair, try hiding a small braid underneath your hair. You can also try braiding the top portion of a ponytail and letting the rest hang loose or gathering your hair loosely at the nape of your neck and weaving hair into a loose braid that rests slightly to the side of your head.

Fresh-Out-of-Bed Curly or Wavy Hair

You can try straightening your wavy hair with a flat iron and blowing it out one day and then letting nature take its course with it the next. Skip washing your hair one day. Instead, apply a texturizer throughout and turn your head down, running your fingers through your hair to mess it up and tousle it a bit. You can also wet your hair a bit and twist sections of it with your fingers to add a bit more definition to your waves.

Give curly hair a carefree, yet controlled and frizz-free, look by wrapping some portions of hair around a wide curling iron and running mousse through dry hair.

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