Adventure Games for Kids
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Adventure Games for Kids

Adventure games allow kids to step into their own imaginations and explore. Games can happen in your own backyard, a local park or even the living room on a rainy day. Take advantage of the weather, your surroundings and a few items you may have around to entertain your houseful of kids.


Whether you have a number of kids over for a play date or for a birthday party, have a boxful of costume options ready for your little adventurers. Costumes will take the game to the next level, helping your kids get into the fun. Keep an eye out after Halloween and at secondhand stores for dress-up elements. Sometimes, just long strips of fabric are all your kids need to wrap together a Greek toga, princess dress or pirate rags.


Never underestimate the power of a few well-decorated and well-placed props. If your game players are on the search for something, wrap that something in a special container. Brown cardboard boxes can be painted to look like pirate’s treasure boxes. Glue beads or ribbons to it to create a fairy treasure. Along the way, place some little clues, such as coins, that have fallen from the treasure box.

Different Ages

If your kids have various age ranges, you may find it difficult to keep everyone satisfied and having fun. Adventure games give everyone a role. Older kids will love taking charge of some part of the game. Maybe you can put them in charge of “stealing” and hiding the treasure. Really young kids may not understand all the details of a scavenger hunt, but they might be in charge of holding the map or collecting the clues.


Many adventure games require searching for something. You can give kids a map to follow through the forest of your backyard or give them little clues to discover along the way. If you have a large space, enlist the help of some older kids or some adults. They can act as trolls or other bad guys who require a simple game before kids can continue. For instance, they may ask the kids to play a short game of Simon Says, with a variation based on the theme of the game.


Once your kids get into the fun and play through the game you have designed for them, let them play on their own. Some older ones may want to take the role that the adults played, and they might re-hide things for each other. It may not be as perfect each time they play, but encourage their imaginations to run wild.

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