Cool Party Games for Kids 11 to 12
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Cool Party Games for Kids 11 to 12

Dad in the clown costume used to be exciting. Some games and snacks were cool back in the day when your child was just getting to know the wide world of birthday parties. Now, he is approaching his teen years. It takes some creativity and forethought on your part to come up with a cool idea. Play some well-thought out games to impress your kids.

Sorry, Mom

The best games for this age are ones they can play on their own. Gone are the days you would hover over their shoulders and show them how to hold their putt-putt clubs. Choose games that kids can take control of themselves, even learning and reading the rules when necessary. The less you have to hover, the cooler this game will be for your child and your guests.

Lights, Camera

When your child was little, he was not allowed to touch most of the technology scattered around the house. Now is a great time to let him break the rules, especially with his friends around. Let the kids use the camera for a photo scavenger hunt. The video camera can also be used in such as a game. Kids might also enjoy creating their own skit and replay it for themselves. Give kids copies of their creation at the end of the day.

Favorite Scenes

If your child has invited her friends over for a sleepover, let them interact with their favorite movies. Put together a bingo game of scenes, lines or hidden items in the movies. If the movies are a favorite with the group, you can even play a game before the kids watch the movie. Play a charades game with the characters or a fill-in-the-blank game with the lines.

A Whole New Game

Many kids this age love video games and would spend hours playing them. While this may not be a habit you are encouraging, it may be a consideration during a party, since the kids will be safe and entertained. Buy a new video game that your child has been coveting, and let the kids explore the new world through the evening.

Get Giggling

As kids enter their teen years, their friends become cooler and more important. Play a game that gets the group laughing at their own inside jokes. Charades and drawing guessing games, with kid-written clues, gets kids laughing. Even old standbys, such as telephone game, keep the giggles going.

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