How to Lose Weight Metabolically
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How to Lose Weight Metabolically

Many trendy fad diets come onto the market promising a simple plan to lose weight. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which one is the right one for you. How much easier it would be if there was a diet created specifically for you. This is the idea of a metabolic diet. This plan allows you to evaluate exactly how many calories you need and how to eat in a way that is healthiest for your body. In this way, you can attain results that are lasting and attainable for your lifestyle.

Step 1

Make an appointment with your doctor or personal trainer and take a metabolic breath test. These are offered in many nutritional centers, gyms and, probably, your doctor’s office. The test requires you to breathe through a tube for 10 minutes. It gives you an accurate reading of your metabolic resting rate, or the number of calories your body burns while at rest.

Step 2

Plan a menu, diverse with items from every food group that fits within your given caloric number. This is how much your body needs each day, just to function. If you work out, you will burn extra calories, leading to weight loss.

Step 3

Work with your doctor or personal trainer to put together an aerobic and weight training workout. You need to burn calories with cardio workouts, such as running. You also need to strengthen your muscles. Bigger muscles need more calories to function, therefore burning through the foods you eat.

Step 4

Use a metabolic tracker if your doctor or personal trainer has one available. This arm band will allow you, your specialist and your computer to track your progress.

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