Foods That Make You Lose Weight Quickly
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Foods That Make You Lose Weight Quickly

Eating fewer calories and getting more exercise are important when it comes to losing weight. In some cases though, the type of food you eat can help you lose weight more than the quantity. Some foods rev up your metabolism, some help you feel full quickly because they contain plenty of fiber and others are full of protein, which helps you feel less hungry throughout your day.

High-Fiber Fruits

Whole fruits contain a lot of fiber, but some fruits, such as apples and pears, have more fiber than others. Apples and pears contain pectin, a type of fiber that can help lower cholesterol and slow food’s passage through your intestines, so that you stay fuller longer, according to a report from the Colorado State University Extension. According to “Self” magazine, eating apples regularly may also keep metabolic syndrome, which leads to extra fat on the abdomen, at bay. Eating fruit before a meal may help you consume fewer calories during the meal.


Eggs, once considered a not very healthy food because of their high cholesterol content, may help you lose weight quickly, thanks to the amount of protein they contain. According to reports in “Self” magazine and from WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, people who ate a breakfast of eggs lost weight faster than those who ate a bagel for breakfast, even though the breakfasts had the same number of calories. Eating an egg or two for breakfast will keep you full throughout the day and help you reduce the amount of food you eat.


Beans, such as chickpeas, lentils and black beans, are high in fiber and protein, meaning that you feel satisfied and full for a while after eating them. Eating a meal that contains beans, such as lentil soup or black bean burritos, can keep your blood sugar level, reducing the amount of fat your body makes. According to WebMD, beans also contain cholecystokinin, a hormone that suppresses your appetite so that you eat less and lose more weight.

Leafy Greens

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you start a meal with a salad, you are likely to eat less at the meal since leafy greens fill you up. Leafy greens do not contain a lot of calories, so when you start with a salad, you are trading in the higher-calorie main course for a lower-calorie starter. Use a low-fat dressing to get the most benefit from the salad.

Chili Peppers

If you like your food spicy, you may be in luck when it comes to weight loss. Add hot peppers such as jalapenos or cayenne to a dish in order to boost your metabolism. Chili peppers contain varying amounts of capsaicin, the substance that determines the heat of the pepper. Capsaicin increases the amount of heat and oxygen your body produces, according to, speeding up your metabolism. The heat from the peppers can also suppress your appetite so that you eat less in one sitting or throughout the day.

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