Crafts for Father’s Day for Young Children
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Crafts for Father’s Day for Young Children

A “World’s Best Dad” mug or a new striped tie might seem like an ideal Father’s Day gift, but many dads prefer a custom-made gift made by their own children. Father’s Day crafts give children a hands-on approach to the gift-giving. Most children enjoy crafts and feel a sense of pride as dad opens a handmade gift.

Custom Hammer

Tools are a common Father’s Day gift idea. Instead of a plain hammer, Kaboose suggests letting the children customize the handle. Even the young children can help paint the handle part of the hammer. Look for a hammer with a wooden handle for the easiest painting surface. A light sanding makes the surface rough enough for acrylic paint to stick. A coat of polyurethane applied by an adult helps seal in the painted design. This hammer is sure to be dad’s favorite, even if he already owns a hammer.

Magnetic Frame

A magnetic picture frame allows a dad to display his favorite picture with his children. Craft stores sell simple cardboard picture frames for an easy craft. You can also cut your own frame from sturdy cardboard or craft foam. Let your child paint the frame or cover it with construction paper, stickers, ribbon and other embellishments. Glue magnets or stick magnet tape to the back of the frame so that it can go on a refrigerator or filing cabinet in dad’s office.


A Father’s Day crown makes dad feel special for the day, and the children get a chance to decorate a custom crown for dad to wear. Cut a long strip of paper or poster board. It should be long enough to comfortably fit around the special dad’s head with about an inch overlap. Cut the top edge in a series of points to resemble a crown. The children color or paint the crown and add sequins or rhinestones. Decorating dad’s favorite chair like a throne continues the theme.

Edible Art

Children’s crafts don’t have to involve paper and paint. An edible work of art exposes the children to basic culinary skills while showing off their creativity. The entire family enjoys the results in the form of a Father’s Day dessert. Family Fun suggests cupcakes or a cake for Father’s Day. Help the children spread a layer of frosting over the cake. Provide tubes of colored frosting, sprinkles, candy and other edible cake decorations for the children to create their designs.

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