Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas
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Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year fright-night lovers everywhere don Halloween costumes and hit the streets for a night of fun. If you want your little ghoul or goblin to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, consider some uncommon Halloween costumes that you can craft for him. By preparing a creative costume for your tot or perhaps turning dressing up into a family affair, you can produce a Halloween to remember.


Highlight your tot’s beauty with a flower costume. Create this easy costume by tracing a flower design on a large sheet of corrugated cardboard and cutting a hole in the middle to fit your child’s face. Decorate the flower using paint or markers. Attach ribbons to either side of your cardboard creation so that you can tie it into place. Paint your kiddo’s face yellow so it looks like a typical flower center, and dress her all in green so she resembles a floral stem.


Let your child temporarily embody a dorkier-than-life nerd this Halloween. This costume is simple and economical, as you can easily craft it using things you have around the house. Attach tape to the nosepiece of the frame from an old pair of glasses. Have your child pull up a pair of pants well past his waist. Add a set of suspenders and a belt. Don’t forget the button shirt.. Add a pocket protector and some pens and math tools, a bow tie and white socks to the look. Slick your child’s hair back in an unflattering fashion.

Dinner Family Costume

Get the whole family into the event by allowing each one to dress as food or drink. You may dress your husband as a tall glass of milk, your son as a chicken leg and your daughter as a fluffy bowl of mashed potatoes. Use cardboard or fabric to create your costumes, depending upon your sewing skills. To make a glass of milk costume, use plastic tubing to make a circle and drape white fabric over it, creating a hole for the wearer’s face. Cut a chicken leg out of cardboard, and paint it or cover it with fabric to create the look of a real poultry treat. Craft your mashed potato costume by creating a cardboard cutout of a bowl and attaching fiberfill to creates the fluffy mounds. Take the look a step further by dressing your dog as a Twinkie or other pint-sized dessert.

Lion and Lion Tamer

Encourage cooperation by creating a team costume. If you have two tiny tots, or if your child has a friend who wants to join in the fun, create a lion and lion tamer costume set. Dress one of the members of the duo in striped pants, a top hat and a tuxedo shirt. Dress the other member as a lion, complete with a long tail and impressive mane

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