Homemade Products That Moisturize & Promote Hair Growth
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Homemade Products That Moisturize & Promote Hair Growth

Dry, brittle hair can ruin the best look. Regardless of how much your clothing costs or how well your outfit is put together, if your hair does not look moisturized and healthy, the look won’t work. In addition, dry, brittle hair slows hair growth as it breaks off when it is brushed or styled.

Soften With Oil

Using safflower oil to make your hair feel soft and moisturized is an easy way to take care of the winter frizzies or summer dryness. According to WomanJunction.com, if you pour one or two drops of safflower oil onto your palms and rub them through your hair, you will help stop the breakage. You should apply the oil first to the roots and then massage it onto the scalp. Leaving it on the hair will help moisturize it all day long.

Moisturize With Honey

There are several ways to use honey to moisturize your hair. If you combine 1/4 cup lemon juice with 2 tsp. honey and 4 cups of warm water and mix it all together, you will have a great rinse to run through your hair. After washing your hair with your usual shampoo and rinsing it using the honey/lemon water, you will have a great natural moisturizer. Leaving the rinse in your hair all day will keep it shiny and smelling citrusy fresh.

Foods for Growth

There are several foods that will help encourage your hair to grow. Fish, chicken and lean beef are all sources of protein, which promotes hair growth, according to ChetDay.com. Eating three to four servings a day of protein-filled foods helps your cells maintain optimum efficiency. In addition, foods that are high in iron also help hair growth. Soybeans, tofu and other high-iron foods provide excellent sources to promote hair growth. Although eating healthy foods can help your hair grow, you can also take vitamins to make sure you aren’t missing any important hair-growth nutrients. The B vitamins are essential to hair growth.

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