Quick and Easy Costumes for Grown-Ups
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Quick and Easy Costumes for Grown-Ups

The magical world of make-believe comes to life on Halloween. Dress up and make trick-or-treating even more fun for your grown-up self and the little monsters. You’ll get cackles and giggles every time you answer the door.

Stumped for ideas? Grab one of these.

Dust Bunny

Fashion ears and a tail, draw on whiskers, a pink nose, and tear cotton balls up for dust. Use dark makeup smudges to look even dustier.

Chocolate “Moose”

Grab some sticks from the yard to make antlers, and decorate a vest with chocolate bars!

Old Flame

Wear old-age makeup and a large heart necklace. Cut red, orange and yellow construction paper in a flame shape and wear it as a headpiece.

Catch 22

Wear a baseball cap and mitt and hold a ball with the number 22 written on it.


Wrap a few rolls of colorful crepe paper around yourself and wear a birthday cone hat for emphasis. Throw candy in the air when you open the door!

Smart Cookie

Tape paper cookie cutouts to a t-shirt, wear glasses, and tuck a pencil behind your ear or in your hair.

Cuddle Bug

Add pipe cleaner antennae to a headband. Wear cozy pajamas, slippers, and carry a blanket.

All Right

Wear two right shoes and two right-hand gloves. (The bigger and brighter, the better!)

High Five

Attach a large cardboard cutout of a number 5 to a hat. Ask trick-or-treaters for high fives!

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