"Talking Sex with your Kids" By Amber Madison
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"Talking Sex with your Kids" By Amber Madison

blog post photo“Talking Sex With Your Kids: Keeping Them Safe and You Sane – By Knowing What They’re Really Thinking” is a total must-have. We all dread the conversations that we know our future holds, but this great book brings a fresh outlook on the “all so dreaded” topic of sex. 

Amber is totally in-touch with kids and how they think about their bodies and sex.  She provides parents with advice and reassurance about talking to your kids about difficult and could be embarrassing subjects. 

Getting the line of communication open and relaxed is a good start, and Amber teaches us how to do it and best of all- what to say!  This book helps to make the most awkward conversation a parent has to have with their kids more comfortable. I was dreading having the “sex talk” talk with my boys, but Amber’s book definitely helped make the chat easier.

$10.17 at www.amazon.com 

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