Ideas for a Modern Thanksgiving Table
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Ideas for a Modern Thanksgiving Table

Creating a modern table space upon which to place your Thanksgiving theme is an effective way to set the feel for your seasonal celebration. While some opt for table decorations featuring classic pilgrims and turkeys, others seek a more contemporary decorating scene for their space. As you set about decorating your table this Thanksgiving holiday, consider adopting some modern decorating practices to bring your place setting into the now.

Autumn Leaf Infusion

Use the natural beauty of fall foliage to decorate your Thanksgiving table. On Thanksgiving morning, step into your yard or nearby wooded area and gather a basket of colorful leaves. Look for leaves that appear fresh fallen and have yet to lose their color to the onset of browning. Infuse these leaves into your contemporary table design by scattering them about the table’s center. Turn them into place cards by pressing them between two sheets of wax paper and using this pressed leaf as a place card backing.

When decorating with real leaves, take care to keep them away from candles to ensure that your carefully decorated table doesn’t ignite.

Recipe Pumpkin Centerpieces

Make your table setting modern and informative by creating recipe pumpkin centerpieces. Your Thanksgiving guests, delighted by the quality of your tasty spread, may be eager to try your recipes at home. To create this table setting, purchase several large pumpkins. Cut the top off each pumpkin and core out the center. Place a napkin in each pumpkin as a decorative lining. Type out the recipes for the dishes you intend to create, and print multiple copies of each on card stock. Clip the recipe copies apart. Using a separate sheet of card stock, create a label for each pumpkin, and list the recipe that the hollowed gourd contains. Place your recipes inside your hollowed pumpkins and center your pumpkins on your Thanksgiving table.

Fall Colors Place Settings

Reflect the colors in your contemporary table design by dedicating one place setting to each fall color. Cover your table with a stark white tablecloth to create a blank canvas. Purchase place setting components in different fall hues including rust, orange, yellow and deep brown. Place each monochromatic place setting in a space on your table. If you intended to have more people at your event than there are fall colored place setting options, repeat the color collection, creating a hue repetition pattern.

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