Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas
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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

If the idea of spending a fortune on a Halloween costume makes you cringe or you just need a last minute option, you can pull something together with just a few items found around the house. Don’t waste time, energy and money running from store to store looking for the perfect item. Throw open your pantries and closets and indulge in a household of costume choices.

Wrap It Up

Sometimes the linen closet is all you need for an original costume. Grab some safety pins and a needle and thread, and wrap your way to a Halloween costume. You and your date can go as a Greek couple, sporting the latest in toga wear. Drape a large white sheet around yourself and pin in place. Make sure you have an elegant draping over your shoulder for a truly Grecian look. If you are worried about any malfunctions, dress yourself and your partner in a white tank top and shorts before draping, to avoid any side shows. If you have a green blanket, maybe you can drape it just so to look like the Statue of Liberty. For a traditional, simple costume, grab an old, ratty blanket, drape it over your head and cut holes for your eyes and mouth. If you have some leftover gauze in the bathroom, roll yourself in that and some blankets for an instant Mommy mummy costume.


For a truly unusual costume, place all the names of your family members on pieces of paper in a bowl. Have everyone draw the name of another family member. Using only items found in the house, each person has to dress like the person whose name he pulled. Let the kids put on dad’s old uniforms or mom’s outdated business suit. Let mom and dad put together their best version of their child’s latest look. From hair styles to outfits, from accessories to imitations, these costumes will be like none other and will create memories for a lifetime.

Glam It Up

Give new life to the ball gown you only got to wear once or that bridesmaid dress you only want to wear once. Dress up like the prom queen, the belle of the ball, the rock star or the begrudged bridesmaid. It doesn’t take long to pull together a glamorous or humorous look, depending on your style. Since Halloween is the one time you can get away with just about anything, throw on something you look smashing in and be the star of the night. If you are looking for a break that night, do the opposite. Throw on your robe, slippers and a facial mask and go as a spa goer.

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