Teen Bedroom Design Ideas
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Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Your teen likely looks upon her bedroom as a place of her own. When decorating this haven of privacy, do so in a manner that reflects the interests of its inhabitant. By allowing your teen’s personality and hobbies to impact the decorating scheme of her room, you can turn the bland space into a warm and welcoming place for your teen to settle down after a long day.

Two-Toned Sanctuary

Give your teen’s space a clean and contemporary feel by decorating the space in a two-toned theme. Select two hues that contrast well, such as pink and brown or yellow and black. Use these two tones heavily within the space, painting walls in these hues, seeking furniture finished in these colors and selecting linens in solids and prints featuring only these two colors. This crisp, clean decorating pattern will give your teen’s room a mature look and transform the space from one for a child to one for a young adult.

Sports Central

If your teen lives and breathes sports, reflect this passion in his room design by dedicating his space to sports. Begin by painting his room in the colors of his favorite team. Place sporting equipment on the wall to serve as decorative accents. Add less common sports touches, such as a bay of lockers or a light-up scoreboard. Create space for your teen to display his trophies, allowing him to show off his accomplishments in his bedroom space.

Outdoor Mural Accent Wall

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your teen’s space by creating an outdoor mural accent wall. Consider your teen’s climate of choice when selecting an outdoor setting to feature in your mural. For example, if your teen loves hitting the slopes during ski season, a snowy mountain may be perfect. If he instead prefers relaxing on a beach, a Hawaiian backdrop may better fit the bill. Paint the mural yourself, hire a professional to complete the task, or order a wall-size print featuring the scene of your choice to simplify the process.

Chalk and Cork Wall

Instead of covering your teen’s walls with paint, make these room-surrounds interactive. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint and suspend a bucket of chalk from it. Encourage your teen to express her creative side and cover the chalkboard wall with hand-crafted graffiti, or use it as a place to keep track of her weekly schedule. Cover another wall with cork, allowing your teen to tack up any mementos or clippings she gathers. The uncommon wall treatments will give your teen a stand-out room and encourage her to put her stamp truly on her space.

Reading Swing

Trade standard bedroom seating for a reading swing to encourage your teen to exercise her love for literature. Purchase a chair designed to be suspended from the ceiling, and place the uncommon seating in the corner of your teen’s room. Flank the seat with bookshelves filled with your teen’s favorite volumes to encourage her to read while she swings away in her new room addition.

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