Fred Chopstick Kids Chopsticks Holders
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Fred Chopstick Kids Chopsticks Holders

blog post photoJust when my kids thought they knew how to do “everything” we went out for sushi and they struggled with their chopsticks!  Food was flying off of their plates; it was not our best family dinner.  My husband I and  tried to show them the proper use, but it takes time to master chopsticks. The boys ended up “stabbing” their food.  Not a pretty sight. 

Let you kids practice at home with these adorable chopstick holders.  Bring an element of fun- and avoid the frustration with these washable, food,safe, chopsticks for kids.   Simple to use and fun for everyone at the table. So cute, soft and the perfect way to experiment with this new type of eating utensil.

$7.75 at

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